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How to place a booking?

Simply fill in our Booking Form on our web site to have an estimate cost for your journey. A member of our Team will reply as soon as possible.

Where do I meet the driver?

In some Airports our Driver is able to meet you at the arrivals. He will show a sign with your name on it. In some other Airports the Driver can not leave the car unattended so he will get in touch after your landing via phone to give you directions.

How do I recognise the Driver?

We will send you all the details and contact number of the Driver and his vehicle number plate the day before your booking. The Driver will also call you after your lending to give you directions so you will easily meet him.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your booking up to one day before the date without any costs, if you cancel less then one day before your booking an admin fee could apply.

What happens if my landing flight is delayed?

This is why we ask your flight number when you book so we can track your landing flight and adjust the Driver’s arrival time accordingly if it is possible.We try to make sure our Driver will be there for you on time and at no extra cost.

Do I have to pay for parking at Airport?

The driver has to pay a fee to exit the Airport and the cost for parking at the airports varies according to the time of stay. We try to limit the time
of stay by tracking the flight and entering the terminal parking zone only after you pass the Documents control. This cost is included in your agreed fee up to one hour from your flight landing. We may apply an extra parking fee after one hour from your flight landing.

What do I do if I forget an item in the vehicle?

You have to contact us as soon as possible so we check the vehicle immediately to find the item and if found we aim to return it as soon as possible. You need to contact us via the phone number or send us an e- mail we provided you on the Booking to arrange a way to return the item.

What happens if my flight is cancelled?

We try to monitor it but it is the Customer’s responsibility to let us know of a flight cancellation as soon as they become aware and if needed reschedule it using our booking form on our web site.

Do I need to book in advance?

We prefer if you book well in advance to make sure we have availability. You can book up to five month before or at least one day in advance although we take bookings as long as we can rich the destination on time even the same day if we have availability.

Contact Us

If you have an enquire or need more information please fill out the form. A member of our Team will reply as soon as possible.

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